90 Logic Pro X key commands for efficiency

Updated 7.3.2021

We have to be efficient when sound editing and mixing film and video. Budgets are shrinking and it’s expected to deliver high quality sound in almost no time. The deadline is in 4 hours. A proper workflow with key commands is… the key.

The following key commands are focused on audio post production:

ActionKey commandAlternative / Notes
create new project from templatecmd + n
create new trackopt + cmd + n
create new track with duplicate settingscmd + d
open global preferencescmd + ,
move playheadshift + click on empty area
move playhead to beginning of projectreturn
move playhead 1 frame forward (no default key command)ctrl + .shift + j
move playhead 1 frame backward (no default key command)ctrl + ,shift + cmd + j
playback start/stopspace
play from selectionshift + space
scroll horizontallyshift + scroll
fast scroll (horizontal and vertical)shift + ctrl + drag
horizontal zoomcmd + arrows left rightshift + opt + scroll
vertical zoomcmd + arrows up downopt + scroll
track zoomctrl + z
area zoomctrl + alt + drag area
1 step back from zoomed areactrl + alt + click
key commands windowopt + k
library show/hidey
inspector show/hidei
toolbar show/hidectrl + opt + cmd + t
smart controls show/hideb
mixer show/hidex
editor show/hidee
list editor show/hided
loop browser show/hideo
file browser show/hidef
global tracks show/hideg
hide trackctrl + h
hidden tracks show/hideh
switch between screensets1-9
new mixer windowcmd + 2
new file editor windowcmd + 6opt + double click region
close windowcmd + w
show/hide all open plugin windowsv
close all open plugin windowsshift + close a plugin window
open specific plugin windowshift + 1-9Not a default command.
open region in external audio editorshift + wI use Izotope RX8.
cutcmd + x
copycmd + c
pastecmd + v
paste at original positionctrl + alt cmd + vNot a default command. Highly useful when copying regions to new tracks.
undocmd + z
redoshift + cmd + z
split region(s)cmd + t
join region(s)cmd + jOne method to create an interleaved stereo file 2 mono files.
split region inside a regiondrag selection with marquee tool + clickctrl + cmd + t
stretch audio regionopt + drag handles
move region(s) or playhead in detailctrl + drag region(s)
move region(s) by nudge valueopt + arrows left right
duplicate region(s)opt + drag
duplicate region(s) to new track in syncopt + drag to new track + shift
move region(s) to selected trackshift + ctrl + t
move regions to playhead position;ctrl + cmd + , (for Nordic keyboards, not a default command)
tool menutExample: t + a = fade tool
back to pointer tooltt
secondary toolhold cmd
mute trackm
mute regionctrl + m
solo tracks
solo regionctrl + s
solo safe trackctrl + click on track solo button
record enablectrl + r
import audio fileshift + cmd + i
import video fileopt + cmd + o
cycle on/offc
set cycle bar to selected regionu
split region(s) by locator (cycle or marquee length)ctrl + cmd + t
loop regionl
automation show/hidea
automation and fade curve toolctrl + shiftt + w
create 2 automation points at region bordershift + ctrl + cmd + 2
automation touch mode (no default key command)ctrl + opt a
automation latch modectrl + cmd + a
flex show/hidecmd + f
colorsopt + c
color regions after trackshift + opt + c
configure track headeropt + t
configure global tracksopt + g
rename trackshift + returndouble click on track name
rename regionshift + nt + shift & t + click
rename regions after track nameopt + shift + n
create bus track from mixer to main windowctrl + t
create track stackshift + cmd + d
learn parameter for controller assignmentscmd + l
show audio file in findershift + cmd + rGreat for easily finding files in large OMF sessions to checking original location timecode using Wave Agent.
bounce in placectrl + bI use this all the time with audio restoration when I want the original raw file/region to be there as a backup in the same session.
bounce to diskcmd + b

This list is also available in pdf. Download it and try them.

Here you can download my Logic Pro X key commands preset file.

Check out this Logic Pro X Key Command site for more tips.

Also check out the Matias RGB Backlit Wired Aluminum Keyboard for Mac I use in my studio. It’s great.

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