My 200 track Logic Pro X Audio Post Template

You will find the template download link at the end of this article! Screenshot of a sound design project done on an older template in 2021. Every region is placed at the correct track and color coded accordingly. Why use an audio post template? Why not just start from scratch on a new project? An […]

Dual mono to interleaved stereo in Logic Pro X

If you are wondering how to do the opposite (interleaved stereo to dual mono) read my article Splitting stereo files in Logic Pro X. In Pro Tools you can simply drag dual mono files from dual mono tracks to a stereo track and vice versa. In Logic Pro X you need to do some more […]

90 Logic Pro X key commands for efficiency

Updated 7.3.2021 We have to be efficient when sound editing and mixing film and video. Budgets are shrinking and it’s expected to deliver high quality sound in almost no time. The deadline is in 4 hours. A proper workflow with key commands is… the key. The following key commands are focused on audio post production: […]

Splitting stereo files in Logic Pro X

Music and sound effects in stereo is usually seen as only 1 file on your computer, but that file actually consists of 2 separate channels (left channel + right channel). This is called an interleaved file and is convenient for storing and easy stereo playback, but when it comes to editing and mixing sometimes you […]

OMF, AAF or XML with Logic Pro X?

Article is updated 30.3.2022! Davinci Resolve stuff updated Sharing media between video and audio is a technical challenge, especially if you are using Logic Pro X. The good news is it can be done with most NLE’s. It will not be perfect, it’s not easy, you might have to do workarounds and you can never […]